The band can next be seen taking part in Tintagel Carnival on Saturday 4th August. The carnival starts at 7pm.

On Sunday 5th August the band will be playing at the Countryman's Fair at Werrington Park near Launceston. The performance times are 12.30pm and 4.45pm.  


The band are always looking for new members, you can join at anytime
just come along to a band practice on a Wednesday or Friday
at St Mary's School, Bideford and join in and be part of a fun and friendly group.

Find out more information HERE

2018 Engagements

We have a full programme of events for this year, but we're always looking for unusual or fun things to do with the band or interesting places to play at, so if you have something good that you would like the band to be part of, why not tell us! 



Tintagel Carnival
Saturday 4th August

Countryman's Fair
Werrington Park
(near Launceston)
Sunday 5th August 

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