Band Members 2017

 Gaylena Humphries Pipe Major
 Mike Harper Secretary 
 Kaylee Beckham
 Steve Finnamore
 Connor Gould
 Char Gubb
 Adam Herriman
 Charlie Inch
 Jamie Inch
 Abbie Johnston Youth Committee Member
 Heyshea Lee Youth Committee Member
 Charlotte McLean
 Katherine McLean
 Megan Squire
 Will Webber
 James WilliamsYouth Committee Member

 Learner Pipers
 Finley Haste

Side Drummers
 Chris Barnes
 Kai Beckham
 Chris ColeCommittee Member
 Richard ColeYouth Committee Member
 Kyle ClarkYouth Committee Member
 Lewis Heaven 
 Ryan Jewell
 Nicole LameyYouth Committee Member
 Joe SpencerYouth Committee Member
 Nathan Wyles

Bass Drummer
 This could be you! 

Tenor Drummers
 Emma PhillipsYouth Committee Member
 Marley Faulkner
 Ashleigh-May Bennett
 Abi Jewell
 Marisha Landy
 Kate NicholsonYouth Committee Member
 Bethany Wyles

 Learner Tenors
  Kerrian Pedley

The Police Force
 Mike Gubb Vice Chairman
 Angus Harper Chairman
 Mandy Inch Committee Member
 Chris Lamey Committee Member
 Manda Lamey

 Other Members
  George McLauchlan  Treasurer 



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